Pique your curiosity

You’ve been inspired by the stunning looks and distinct design,
now get to know the secrets

Casa Ojalá is a luxurious guest suite with bed, bath and living spaces and a private roof terrace, designed to provide guests complete immersion in the landscape. Elegant mechanical systems allow guests to reconfigure the spaces with the pull of a cord, giving them the exclusive experience of controlling both their comfort and privacy.

Key Features

Roof deck for taking in the surroundings

  1. Hatch for roof access
  2. Terrace area for lounging
  3. Roof panels open for sun and stargazing
  4. Optional photovoltaic panels

Living area with infinite configurations

  1. Single bed area with floor hatch
  2. Double bed area with floor hatch
  3. Bathroom area with floor hatch
  4. Ladder to the roof
  5. Bio-ethanol stove to stay warm and cosy
  6. Central furniture that can be stored below the floor
  7. Rollable interior walls in wood or fabric
  8. Exterior wood and textile walls roll up
  9. Retractable entry staircase

Pedestal base with storage and systems

  1. Mechanical room
  2. Water storage tanks
  3. Optional gray/black water storage/treatment
  4. Optional battery storage/electrical room

Overall Dimensions

Casa Ojalá has a compact footprint but lives big with it's clean floor plan, high ceiling and spacious roof terrace.

Self-Sufficient systems

  1. Optional photovoltaic panels
  2. Rainwater recovery
  3. Water tank
  4. Optional black water depuration tank
  5. Optional battery storage/electrical room

Manual Mechanical Systems

Casa Ojalá’s mechanical systems may seem like magic, and, well, they are! We illustrated some of them to give you an idea of how easy it is for guests to create the configuration that suits them.

Bedroom Hatch
Fabric Walls
External Walls
Internal Walls

Fully Customizable

Every client and every location is different, so at Casa Ojalá, custom is standard. Choose materials and finishes to create the Casa that bests represents your property, or work with our in-house design team for a fully bespoke experience.


Choose fabric to match the motif of the location where Casa Ojalá will sit.


A variety of fine, durable woods can even be sourced locally when available.


Nearly every surface can be coated to provide the color and texture desired.