Redefine your relationship with nature

Casa Ojalá is for the traveler seeking a new experience, one that immerses them in the surrounding nature, free from technology, yet without lacking the luxury of exquisite design and quality craftsmanship and the comforts of home in every thought out detail.

The choice is yours.

Infinite choice

Casa Ojalá’s mechanical system, inspired by the nautical world, allows its inhabitants to effortlessly adapt the configuration to their whims by opening and concealing walls, floor and ceiling tiles, and furniture.

Perfect harmony

Designed in Italy and built with the highest quality materials, Casa Ojalá’s fully customizable wood and fabrics help it to reflect the local traditions and environment of the place where it stands.

Ready for anywhere

Casa Ojalá can be equipped with self contained electrical and water systems allowing it to be immersed freely into the landscape without the constraints of connection to the civilized grid.

in the press

“So smooth and seamless that you could adjust your house according to your mood, the weather, or the activity you were doing”
“The architectural response to our dreamiest desires”
Elle Decor
“Reimagines compact living”
“A daydream-inducing contemporary version of a shelter”

Available globally

World map

Casa Ojalá was developed as a product for boutique and luxury hotels seeking a unique solution for the travel experience. Quick assembly and virtually nonexistent footprint allow for easy expansion of an existing property or novel configurations on land of any type: vineyards or mountains, woods or seaside. Its high degree of flexibility makes it ideal for locations far flung: from Argentina to Indonesia, Namibia to Italy.

Casa Ojalá is also being made available to private customers on an application basis.