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Top questions

How much is Casa Ojalá?

Each Casa Ojalá is built completely customized for our customers, and pricing varies accordingly. Join our waitlist and tell us about your plans to learn more.

Can I buy one?

Absolutely! Just fill out the short survey to join our waitlist and we’ll reach out with more info.

When will Casa Ojalá be available?

Casa Ojalá is available now for pre-order and deliveries will start in 2022.

Can I see one somewhere?

Yes! We have installed the prototype unit at Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco in Montalcino, Tuscany. If you would like to visit, reach out to us to make arrangements.


How many people can stay in Casa Ojalá?

Casa Ojalá comes with options for 1 double and 1 single bed, so we recommend a maximum of 3 for sleeping.

How do I choose a configuration?

Casa Ojalá has in itself more than 1000 configurations that you can play with by using the included mechanical systems.

Do you have different models?

No, there is a single size for the structure, however there are infinite customizations available you can discuss with our team when ordering.

Is Casa Ojalá good for colder climates?

Casa Ojalá is most suitable for temperate climates and a stove is included to knock off seasonal chill, however we are working on additional features to adapt a model for colder climates.

Specifications & Systems

What is the size of Casa Ojalá?

The main platform is 6.20m diameter (~27sqm living area) and the roof platform is 8m diameter, with a height from the ground 6m.

What is the weight?

10-12 tons (~5-6 cars).

What does it mean “off grid” and “on grid” systems?

On grid means that it can be attached to already existing systems on your property (water, electricity, septic). Off grid means that it has self-sufficient systems to function everywhere without external provisions. It just needs a little maintenance depending on how many people stay there and for how long.

What size is the optional photovoltaic system?

1.9-2.3kW panels system with 1kW storage.

What type is the optional water filtration system?

Microfiltration & UV sterilization.

What type is the optional gray/black water treatment system?

It is an anaerobic filtration system.

Are the treatments for the exterior fire resistant?

Yes, we will provide all the certifications, depending on your country’s requirements.

Ordering & Availability

How do I get one?

Subscribe to our waitlist and we’ll contact you.

What are my options for customization?

You can pick the wood essences for the walls and for the platforms, all fabrics for the walls and the terrace rail, and you can choose the colour of all metals (beams, fireplace, base). Our design team will work with you to make Casa Ojalá your own, and to create even more bespoke solutions if desired.

What is included, what’s not?

Casa Ojalá comes complete with furnishing, bedding and even includes local installation. Off grid systems (water filtration, black water treatment, photovoltaic) are optional. Transportation and logistics are variable based on incurred costs.


Do I need a foundation?

Casa Ojalá does not require a traditional foundation but uses low impact "anchors" set into the ground to which the frame attaches.

How about permitting?

We understand that permitting varies by locality around the globe. Our team will work with you to provide the information to get necessary approvals.

How is installation handled?

Installation is included with our “white glove” service, we’ll get it set up and ready for you!

Can I move Casa Ojalá?

Yes, but it does require professional disassembly and reassembly.


I want to write about Casa Ojalá, how do I get information?

Visit our press page for info and contacts.

About Casa Ojalá

Where is Casa Ojalá based?

We are located in Milan, northern Italy.

Are you looking for partnerships in my country?

We are always looking for partnerships with the best suppliers, builders and distributors. Drop us a line at ciao@casaojala.it!

Ordering & Availability

How long does it take to assembly Casa Ojalá onsite?

This depends quite a lot on the location and accessibility and can be 1-3 weeks. Our team will oversee the assembly and work with local partners to ensure it is done efficiently.