This is a small, 27 sqm house with more than 1,000 interior solutions working in synchrony without ever changing the original structure and shape. Casa Ojalá develops from a manual mechanical system composed of ropes, pulleys and cranks, bringing the guest back to the memory of a journey on a sailboat pushed by the wind.
Wood and fabrics recall the traditions of the place where Casa Ojalá stands, highlighting its uniqueness and aesthetic adaptability, while remaining a formally recognizable, globally marketable object.
Casa Ojalá is a sustainable, minimal, compact and flexible product for a new comfort, away from TV or air conditioning. 
It was first developed as a by-product for luxury hotels seeking new solutions for a travel experience and a different life, avoiding construction sites. Casa Ojalá can also be offered to private customers with land of any type, vineyards, open countryside, mountains, lagoons, woods, meadows, sand dunes, infinite or uncultivated land.

A Patented Project by Arch. Beatrice Bonzanigo, IB Studio.
“Residential building with high flexibility” No. 102017000143538 | Community Model and Design for intellectual property with No. 005822269.

Thanks to the friendship and support of Mark Ibañez, Gustavo Ressio and Diego Patron Costas.

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IG: @beatricebonzanigo

A journey into architectural space

A new life experience

It embeds everything

“The Most Mesmerizing Design Moments of Salone del Mobile”, Vogue USA

Residential building with high flexibility

“Future is Casa Ojalá”, Design Diffusion

Choice creates Casa Ojalá

Wild luxury meets mechanical engineering

“It is the architectural response to our lack of courage”, Elle Decor

It does not need any external assistance, neither human nor technological


Casa Ojalá is suitable for different types of inhabitants

“The unmissable events of Fuorisalone 2019”, Domus

The boundary between inner and outer space no longer exists

Outdoor is a substantial, fundamental and precious part of it

Home is an intimate hot bath, recognizable perfumes, private logic, comfortable bed, safety. But when it becomes a House it is also forced views, filtered light, controlled air and untouchable canopy. Walls decide for us what to hide, or where to walk. Windows decide for us how much sunlight we should get, or how much wind to feel. Doors are open, or closed, and our only way out. Roofs protect us from the rain but keep the stars away from us. Furniture occupies a fixed place, most of the time, taking away from us some precious surface.
Landscape is commonly acknowledged as House’s worthy opponent, even if it’s our Home.
Casa Ojalá embodies the potential of a step forward: definition of Home is kept safe and elevated. The House becomes extremely flexible: we can adjust it according to our mood, the weather, or the activity we are doing. Every few minutes we can decide whether to have an open living room or an enormous bathroom, hide ourselves in a cozy bedroom or immerse our thoughts in the infinite landscape.


It is small, it can be disassembled and is not bulky.

Highly Flexible

The home becomes a surprise, a game, a circus, a theatre, fragrances and gestures.

Inhabiting The Infinite Choice

In continuous evolution

The limited space converts into an infinite home.

One of a kind

The tiny house that doesn’t exist without its inhabitant.

Perfect harmony

Wood and fabrics recall the traditions of the place where Casa Ojalá stands

A global approach

A new discovery in the world of static architecture. The landscape is its façade.

Press & Awards

Gold A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Winner, 2019
Top 10 installations at Milan Design Week, 2019